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Responsible Lending

We are committed to giving our customers a positive experience and we strive for the utmost level of transparency and fairness. We are a third party, not a lender. By completing our application, you are soliciting a loan from a licensed lender in your area. As car title loans are secured by your vehicle, majority of lenders do not require credit checks, so people with poor credit history may still qualify. These types of loans are not intended as long-term solutions. Loan approval is contingent upon the customers ability to repay and the condition of the vehicle. We encourage you to (1) borrow only what you need and can repay, (2) payback your loan as quickly as possible, and (3) weigh your options fully before taking out a loan.

Transparency of costs of your loan: We do not charge you any fees for the processing of your loan request. Some lenders may charge fees for the processing on the loan. The costs associated with your loan will be disclosed to you by the lender, please see representative loan term examples below. For more information on our policies and practices please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions or call our toll-free number listed on our website.

Lender’s interest rates vary based on, but not limited to, the following variables: vehicle value, repayment ability and other promotional offers. Rates for lenders that we match you with may range from 18% to 35.99% APR and a lien fee (up to $150). APR and other fees are disclosed in accordance to the Federal Truth in Lending Act. Loan repayment periods range from 6 to 36 months.

If you have really bad credit, we will be unable to match you to a traditional or peer-to-peer lender. In some instances we may be able to suggest to you a lender but you will have to get the specific terms and rates from that lender and the terms and rates might not fall within the example loan terms on our website. If you do obtain a loan, make sure to pay on time and to follow the rules that your lender provides to you – your failure to do so may harm your credit since the information could be given to credit reporting agencies.

Rights of Cancelation and Payoff policies may vary by lender and state. Typically if you change your mind about your loan, you may cancel it at any time prior to depositing the check and you may repay any borrowed amounts at any time without prepayment penalty.

Representative Loan Examples (Changing Terms)    One Time Fee  Total
AmountTermRate (APR)No. of PaymentsMonthly PaymentLien FeeApp Fee Tax Stamp
$1,0001 year24.00%12$106.54$94.00$25.00$7.70$1405.18
$1,0002 years24.00%24$59.57$94.00$25.00$7.70$1556.38
$1,0003 years24.00%36$44.20$94.00$25.00$7.70$1717.90
Representative Loan Examples (Changing Rates)    One Time Fee Total
AmountTermRate (APR)No. of PaymentsMonthly PaymentLien FeeApp Fee
$1,0001 year18.00%12$103.30$94.00$150.00$1389.60
$1,0001 year24.00%12$106.54$94.00$150.00$1428.48
$1,0001 year35.99%12$44.20$113.33$150.00$1509.96

Compliance with Laws: All of the lenders in our loan matching network abide by the laws that govern the relevant states or territories in which they operate. These laws include (but are not limited to):

Electronic Fund Transfer Act
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Privacy Requirements in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Truth In Lending Act
Telemarketing Sales Rule


Call us at: 800-894-0867 For your convenience we have our quickest forms of contact on our contact us page. We also provided you with our phone numbers and email address where you can ask us any questions you may have.